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Eric Paul's I Sleep With Their Bones Cassette

Image of Eric Paul's I Sleep With Their Bones Cassette


Eric Paul, infamous frontman of acts Doomsday Student, Arab On Radar & Chinese Stars, takes his poetry to the audio format on this Bathetic Records cassette and digital release, I Sleep With Their Bones.

I Sleep With Their Bones is the Paul's first forray into recording his dynamic and twisted work into the "spoken word" format. Recorded at Machines With Magnets in Providence, the recording collects some all-time classices from Eric Paul, taken from his well-known and sough after books such as I Offered Myself As The Sea (Heartworm Press).

Track Listing:

1. Happy Birthday Wanda Jones 2. He'll be Dead in Six Months
3. I Offered Myself to the Sea 4. Hard-on of Iwo 5. The Weather of Addiction 6. How I Got Kicked Out of Sunday School 7. Dead Bodies in Her Bed 8. The Favor 9. The Subject 10. I've Been Toilet Training for 29 Years 11. My Love is An Alarm Clock. 12. Writer's Cock, Pt. I 13. Writer's Cock, Pt. II 14. Writer's Cock, Pt. III 15. I Could be Your Bicycle 16. Parking Lots of Me and You 17. I Have A Lot of Friends
18. I Have Nothing Left to Love Her With 19. Nightmare of Fish
20. A Poster on the Waiting Room Wall 21. Edmond Kemper and I
22. Daddy's Trophy Room 23. Three Moms 24. A Guy They Know That Can Get Some 25. There's a Liar Living in Your Belly 26. A Strange Night in Connecticut 27. My Runny Nose Killed my Girlfriend and my Cat 28. That One Great Thing 29. The Job 30. Waste Basket of my Ways 31 The Horse Thief 32. Born Without Bones 33. There's a Woman Waiting for us in LA

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